Planet of The Apps – random selection of places to find/review apps


Moves App – great graphics

I have been increasingly using my iPhone and iPad (insert Android device for you Google guys and gals) in productive ways leaving old desktop and laptop paradigm behind. In this quest tho, it often takes time to find the right or best app for the job. The Apple App Store is notoriously hard to navigate. In no particular order here are my current favorite new apps:

  • Moves – sweet little app to tracking you walking. Free with great graphics. I don’t use it to track my runs, but to give me an idea of how much I am walking.
  • Genius Scan – no need to fix the stupid office printer/scanner. Just use this to create handy pdfs.
  • Perch – not ready for the UK, but still a nice way to monitor local business social activity.
  • Apple Store – turns the Apple Store into a show room and removes friction from shopping.
  • Eventbrite – track tickets sales and check people in.
  • National Rail – free and better than the paid UK train apps.

Here’s a few sites I am using to find reviews and find app. I am not convinced the Quixey does the trick but I do like the UI.

  • Quixey - app search engine. I am also trying out AppsFire. Google is always good. And what happened to Chomp inside Apple?
  • LifeHacker – always as good reviews around productivity apps
  • CNET – still a good place to look

Would be great to get feedback via comments and/or Twitter @afullerview – I am looking for other good places to find apps, to read app reviews and your recommendations on great apps of the moment. Great apps for the Great Apes …

Note: this post is really a background notes on research I am compiling on the apps space in general.

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